Yes, Jaime, I would like to help support one of the projects below with my tax-deductible contribution.

To donate to one of these ministries, click the button below:

Missionary concerts around the world that focus on evangelism using music to bring people to Jesus Christ.

Sponsor needy and orphan children in India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal so they can have hope, salvation, and a future.

Scholarship fund to help dedicated young people to achieve their potential through music.

Establish a music academy in the Chattanooga area that will offer free or reduced music lessons to serious, gifted and worthy young musicians.

Travel to communist countries where a music can reach those that might not otherwise be interested or able to learn about Jesus and God’s promise of salvation.

Since 2,000, Jaime has helped raise funds to purchase Bibles, sponsor lay pastors, establish home churches, and our newly founded Music School is reaching children and their families.

A program to give underprivileged children in Chattanooga violins, violin lessons, and share Jesus with them.