When my family left Cuba in 1980, anyone could get arrested and/or go to jail for saying “Jesus” in a public place. But by God’s grace, things began to change, albeit slowly, and in 1999, the doors began to open up. While there is still tight control on religious activity, people are able to worship God freely, as well as share their love for Jesus with others, without the fear of persecution or imprisonment. Over the last 15 years, tens of thousands of Cubans have come to know, and have given their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. We have been able to support projects that bring people to Jesus Christ. Some of these projects include evangelistic efforts, printing of Bible lessons and other Christian literature, sponsoring pastors and lay pastors, establish home churches, etc. It’s not easy to build, or even remodel churches in Cuba. By supporting the home-church project, we are able to help create small congregations, which we like to call “points of light” all over the island, making it easier for people all over Cuba to be within close proximity of a place of hope, salvation, fellowship and worship.We are excited to be a part of God’s great work in Cuba, where a little goes a long way!

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