Crescendo: A Jaime Jorge Story


Paperback: 191 pages
Language: English
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The service was about the begin. The worship leaders were waiting for me to pray with them before going onto the platform. But I was in the bathroom crying.

What am I going to say to the congregation? What a loser! I am such a fake!

Then I heard a small, still Voice: “Go and share your story, Jaime. It’s not about how talented, prepared, or confident you are. It’s all about My grace. My love. My Son, Jesus Christ.”

I wiped away my tears and prayed with those who were waiting for me. As I stepped out in front of the congregation, I shared my music and the story of what God was doing in my life. And I watched His Spirit at work. Several people accepted salvation. Others recommitted their lives and sought a closer walk with God. But no one there could imagine how much own life had been changed by Jesus Christ – only a few moments beforehand.

Since Jaime’s first book No More Broken Strings was published in 2002, his life has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. At first, everything seemed to go just right: the mysterious illness disappeared; his musical ministry grew and took him all over the world; he was surrounded by family and friends. Life was perfect – until it all began to fall apart.

His illness returned. His marriage disintegrated. And as he looked for answers and relief in all the wrong places, Jaime felt like a fraud, wondering how God could possibly love him.

But through it all, God never left him. As Jaime allowed God to take control of his life once more, he learned that we can never lose when we surrender to Him! From the Crystal Cathedral to the Lincoln Center, from thatch-roofed churches to playing at the White House for the president of the United States, Jaime is still following that still, small Voice that told him, “Go and share your story.”


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