Fairest Lord Jesus Sheet Music


Be Still My Soul, Simply Classic Hymns Volume 2 Sheet Music – Fairest Lord Jesus



For years, people have been asking us for the sheet music arrangements of our recorded songs. Well, now, for the first time, they are available!  Jaime has included fingering, bowing and dynamics so any violinist can play these beautiful hymns exactly like he plays them!
Each hymn/song has the violin sheet music, as well as the violin/piano sheet music, in case there’s a talented pianist that can play along with the talented violinist!
You can purchase the sheet music of each of the 15 hymns/song in the album Be Still My Soul, Simply Classic Hymns Volume 2, for $4.50 individually, or you can purchase all 15 for $45 (a savings of $22.50, or over 30%).


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